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Age-Reversal Clinical Research:


Reversing Immune Senescence via
Autologous Stem Cell Mobilization



October 1, 2014


Dear Life Extension Member,


When I incorporated the Life Extension Foundation in 1977 at the age of 23, I wondered what would happen if a cure for aging were not found by the time I reached 60.


I knew that I would never accept degenerative aging personally. Most of you know I have spent my life combating senescence and premature death on behalf of Foundation members.


I am now embarking on a personal experimental journey that is costing me time, minor side effects, and quite a bit of money. The objective is nothing short of substantive age reversal.


The Drug and Preliminary Results


There is an FDA-approved drug called granulocyte colony stimulating factor given to certain cancer patients that helps protect their immune system against the toxic effects of chemotherapy.


Granulocyte colony stimulating factor induces the bone marrow to produce and release huge numbers of stem cells and immune cells into the circulation.


A pioneering doctor wondered what would happen if granulocyte colony stimulating factor were given to patients who suffered from diseases other than cancer. His hypothesis was that the mobilization of stem cells from one’s own bone marrow might have a systemic regenerative effect.


This doctor has now treated patients with various disorders including Parkinson’s, diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome. The clinical improvements in these diseased patients have ranged from good to astounding.


Following this article are two case histories including before and after SPECT scans of the brain showing remarkable restoration of cerebral blood flow and metabolic activity in one of these patients.


Systemic Side Benefits Observed


An unexpected event occurred in the diseased patients given granulocyte colony stimulating factor. Not only was their primary disorder responding to granulocyte colony stimulating factor, but they are reporting alleviation or elimination of other age-associated debilities like chronic pain, cognitive impairment and frailty.


These were not mere placebo effects, as clinical measurements of blood pressure, inflammation, gait, body composition, and cerebral perfusion markedly improved. Blood levels of glucose and lipids fell while insulin requirements decreased.


These are all indications of systemic age-reversal occurring in response to the mobilization and release of stem cells and healthy immune cells from the bone marrow of these patients.


Mechanisms of Age Reversal


When young tissue-typed blood is transfused into older animals, life span is increased and markers of aging are reversed. There are a number of known (and many unknown) constituents of young blood that induces a rejuvenating effect on older organisms.


We know for instance that young blood is rich in stem cells generated from the young organisms own bone marrow. Immune cells from healthy young blood is incredibly protective against cancer and infectious disease, while containing specific cytokines that “turn off” chronic inflammation that is an underlying cause of senescence.


Another anti-aging factor in young blood is cytokines that latch on to damaged cells throughout the body and induce healthy apoptosis (programmed cell destruction). One pathologic characteristic of aging is the accumulation of damaged cells that linger and emit dangerous signals that create chronic inflammatory disorders. Senescent cells that are not removed by healthy apoptotic signaling can also mutate into malignancies. 


We think the proper administration of granulocyte colony stimulating factor may enable the bone marrow of aging humans to emit a variety of youth promoting cells that will induce systemic rejuvenating effects.


We’re on the verge of something big…


In case you have not figured it out yet, we are entering a new paradigm in the prevention and reversal of age-related disease.

Never before has there been such an arsenal to counter the multiple underlying factors that characterize immune senescence, which is a fundamental factor involved in degenerative disease and death. And this is just the beginning.

We are aggressively pursuing clinical research involving bone marrow rejuvenation with the objective of mobilizing progenitor hematopoietic stem cells that will rejuvenate every tissue of our aging bodies.

We’re going even further in helping the very elderly with a research project that involves taking stem cell-stimulated blood of individuals under age 25, tissue-type matching it to elderly individuals, separating the youth factors from this young blood, and transfusing it into the elderly subjects. The objective of this research project is nothing short of meaningful age reversal in individuals who may have only a few more months or years to live.    


Why I initiated this therapy personally


I turn age 60 this November. I know immune senescence is currently an inevitable consequence of aging, no matter how many nutrients, hormones and anti-aging drugs I take.


I think we all know the deleterious aspects of biological aging make us sitting ducks for a catastrophic pathologic event, or a steady decline to systemic senility.


Patients with degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s who have been treated with granulocyte colony stimulating factor claim they are feeling and looking younger, and their blood test results and other biomarkers of aging are corroborating this.


In as much as these age reversal effects are being seen in humans presenting with degenerative disease, there is a basis to believe a similar treatment will work for those who have aged too much, and have developed several degenerative disorders in the process.


In the 37 years Life Extension has evaluated potential age delaying and age reversal therapies this is the most exciting opportunity I have witnessed.


The Experimental Programs


One of the clinical studies involves precise cycles of granulocyte colony stimulating factor will originate at a medical facility in South Florida, though we expect to soon set up a second study site in Northern California.


There will be extensive patient monitoring to ensure safety and document efficacy. Over the course of three years, this study will incorporate unique blood testing, extensive monitoring of study participants to evaluate signs, symptoms and biomarkers of aging, and of course carefully looking out for any side effects.


The Costs


This clinical study seeks 30 subjects that will be administered this expensive drug (granulocyte colony stimulating factor) in a series of cycles determined by the prior case histories and individual responses.


While Life Extension Foundation contributes to scientific research projects like this, our current programs are currently using most of these funds, so we cannot afford to take on expensive new projects.


There’s also the issue of compliance. Clinical trials invariably have people drop out for one reason or another. We feel if individuals pay for their participation, then they will continue with the three year program.


If a participant develops contraindications or side effects, then they can discontinue and any unused portion will be refunded or not additionally billed. We are hoping that those who can afford this will not decline it over financial issues as the potential benefits for healthier and longer life spans are enormous, along with the value gained from intensive oversight by an expert anti-aging hematologist/oncologist.


Please know that 100% of these monies are being paid to fund the study at the South Florida Bone Marrow Transplant Institute. None of these funds are paid to Life Extension Foundation or me.


My interest in inducing a profound and validated method to reverse aging is to educate the world that our long-term objectives of achieving indefinitely extended life spans are achievable. Positive findings from this study could result in an avalanche of public interest that may make aging research the world’s number one priority. 


Unprecedented Age Reversal Opportunity


In the 38 years Life Extension has evaluated potential age delaying and age reversal therapies this is the most exciting opportunity I have witnessed.


I am acutely aware that most people cannot afford to participate in this study at this time. It pains me to exclude any human for financial reasons. 


The harsh reality, however, is that this is an expensive pilot study and it cannot be safely done at this stage without funding. Once it becomes standardized, and generic granulocyte colony stimulating factor becomes available, the costs will markedly drop. I even envision a day when Medicare pays for it in order to reduce long term health care costs of humans who are slowly and expensively aging to death.  


To reiterate, we have no financial interest in this study or in the South Florida Bone Marrow Transplant Institute.  We have previously provided grants to further their research into the infusion of activated granulocyte immune cells from healthy young patients into cancer patients. There is evidence that restoring immune function this way may be an effective cancer treatment, though it would have been better if these cancer patients had activated their own immune cells before they contracted cancer.


To enroll in this program, contact the South Florida Bone Marrow Transplant Institute at 561-752-5522. Their website is www.bmscti.org


For longer life,


William Faloon, Co-Founder

Life Extension Foundation