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New Scientific Discoveries can extend Your Life 


Scientific Advances Are Slowing and Reversing Measures of Biological Aging Today

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Our elders have contributed to society for decades, and increasingly suffer from age-related deterioration in health. The Society for the Rescue of Our Elders brings together like-minded individuals into an association that seeks to rejuvenate aging people.

The group holds scheduled conference calls whereby information is disseminated about participating in age-reversal studies, self-experimentation, investing/donating to specific projects, and raising public awareness.

Each day, 5,000 Americans perish from age-related illnesses.1 Based on some exciting recent discoveries, many of these lives can very likely be saved today.

Our private association will seek to rescue aged humans who may not live long enough for rejuvenation therapies to be validated via traditional, multi-year processes.

To receive updates about how to participate in, and otherwise support, human age-reversal studies, you can sign up on our Join Page.

We seek-out and facilitate the development of human age-reversal studies. After joining us, we will send you progress updates on the various human age-reversal studies we learn about.

The boxes below describe some current rejuvenation research projects:

The Foundation for the Rapid Reversal of Human Aging was established 38-years ago for the purpose of accelerating research in biomedical fields relating to human mortality.

We have funded over $140 million of pioneering research and our track record of introducing novel medical therapies is unparalleled.  Many approaches we initiated to combat the diseases of aging are used today in the clinical setting.

If we were not so tantalizingly close to achieving abundant youth, one might not even bother worrying they were born too soon.

Futurists with impeccable track records are projecting exponential expansion in human longevity to occur within the next several decades. The dilemma is will we live long enough to benefit from tomorrow’s biomedical breakthroughs?

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