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Access to Health Advisors

When a member has a question about anything we publish, or a personal health issue arises, our team of advisors is available free of charge 7 days/week via phone or email. It’s like having AAA for your body with more ancillary benefits!




Life Extension Directory

A comprehensive guide to scientifically-validated steps you can take right now to help prevent the degenerative diseases of aging.


Disease Prevention & Treatment textbook

This new 1400-page medical textbook includes updates on all that Life Extension has published over the past four decades. The striking feature of this huge hardbound bookreference book is that it bridges the gap between research scientists and clinical practitioners. Gaining access to this novel data helps aging humans today resolve serious medical issues. 




Comprehensive Blood Testing

In order to assess the health status of our members, we offer a unique nationwide blood test service. This enables members to prevent and reverse degenerative aging processes before lethal disease manifests.





You will not find another integrative resource like this anywhere to help you stay healthier, look better, feel younger, live longer.






The cost of an annual membership is $75 for U.S. members,

$82 for Canadian members, and $110 for international members