Letter from Linda Parker


My name is Linda Beam Parker. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in February of 2010. I didn’t believe it so I wentto Cleveland Clinic to a movement disorder specialist. He concurred. I also went to Shands Medical Center. I was told therewas nothing that could stop the progression of the disease, but that I could take drugs to mask the symptoms.  I knew that with long term use, those very drugs

could not only cause problems, but could/would become ineffective.  Instead I chose to try adult stem cell treatment in Florida.  IT WORKED!  My story is below. 


Long story short, I searched for something that could stop the progression of the disease. I found an article from 1992 aboutadult stem cell treatment for PD that had been successful; so I wondered why hadn’t anyone heard about it?   

Then a few months later, I was standing in an airport and overheard a group of people discussing their occupation, whichhappened to be stem cell research. I approached one of the gentlemen and told him about my problem, and asked if he had any suggestions for me. He told me to forget about embryonic stem cell because there was a lot of cancer as well asrejection associated with it, but to go on line and research adult stem cell treatment.  Then he had to dash to catch his plane. 

Next, I was referred to a new physician. She heard my story, outlined a health plan for me, and then said, “You know you willneed adult stem cell treatment.” She actually knew a physician in the U.S. that was treating Parkinson’s with NON-­‐ INVASIVE stem cell treatment. All patients treated for PD had improved, and with patients treated as early as 2007, there have been no signs of progression.  I repeat ……no progression.  I felt if I could just stop this monster that was taking over my body and sucking my personality away, I would be so grateful, so I was at attention!   

I have to say, after all these “happenings of coincidence”, I felt like I had been led to seek this treatment. I scheduled an appointment with the physician, and I, along with my son, met with him and had a very long meeting. After being educatedabout the process, my son and I both felt strongly that stem cell was the way to go. The risk was virtually not there, and all Parkinson’s patient so far had responded.   

I decided to discuss this with my neurologist in Florida. He never let me tell him how the treatment worked. Rather, he wentballistic about embryonic stem cell treatment in general and refused to let me explain that it was not embryonic stem cell treatment. I offered to give him all of the information so he could call and speak with the stem cell specialist, but he refused.I did not have time or energy for closed minded people, so I left and did my own research.   

I spoke to patients whom had undergone treatment, read emails from children of patients, and actually met with patients (aswell as some of their children) at the end of their treatment session. Their results were amazing! And also amazing was how simple it was. This highly specialized physician causes your white blood cells to elevate. This in turn allows your body toproduce many more new stem cells………and they simple go and repair your brain like God designed them to do.  

I had become virtually a hermit. I had great fatigue, no interest, no motivation, rigidity of my left shoulder, no left arm swing,and small motor movement problems in my left hand. Actually, my whole left side was impaired. The treatment lasts for 6 weeks. The 2nd week I got what I call “myself” back. I was ecstatic! I wanted to go out, and I was not fatigued. I felt normal.I was shocked at how good that felt. It was a great gift. But then there was more. My left body began feeling like it belongedto me rather than to an alien, and I could do little things that we all take for granted, like rummaging in my purse with my lefthand, pull a towel with both hands to dry my back, walk with a swing in my left hip in a normal way, and swing my left arm more and in sync with my right side. I have a whole list of my improvements and they are still happening!

I am sending this to you because I don’t want anyone out there with Parkinson’s to think there is not a treatment. There is.This physician has not had any Parkinson’s patients that did not improve. I would be delighted to help you with any questions you have about the treatment or the physician. I hope this can help you. I am still amazed at what has happened,and even more amazed that somehow my pathway led me to this.


Warmest Regards,


Linda Beam Parker