Brian's dasatinib and quercetin experiment

September 22, 2018

Greetings, RAADfest attendees, and other interested parties.


I'm taking a very quick break from the engaging presentations to report that after taking – mid-afternoon yesterday, Friday, Sept. 21 – 200 mg of dasatinib and 2000 mg of quercetin, I have experienced no side-effects whatsoever, aside from a mild headache upon waking, which 400 mg of ibuprofen took care of very quickly.


I will repeat this dose [1] this coming Friday.


Check back in a week or so for more reports.


In mid-October, I should have some "after" results of blood tests to compare with the baseline results.




[1] I will actually take a bit less, to match more perfectly the formula many researchers believe is reasonably safe and likely effective: 2.5 mg / kg body weight dasatinib, and ten times as much quercetin. (I weigh 68 kg.) I rounded up a bit yesterday because time didn't permit breaking off a part of the small, non-scored 50 mg dasatinib pills.

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